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This is our FREE MUSIC PAGE! Enjoy! We will continue to update this page often!!!
As of right now, we are featuring our "FREE Acoustic EP"!
You will notice a small variety of old and new material.... Let us know what you think! Enjoy.
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Taylor Warren - Guitar + Lead Vox
Mark Taylor - Guitar + Vox
Josh Auer - Bass + Vox
Brandon Collins - Keys
Kevin Giltz - Drums

Hey! Thanks for checking out our Bandcamp page! Please enjoy everything that is posted! Let us know what you think! See below for our other links as well....Invite your friends too! We have had a really busy year. First, we have had music placed on 2 TV networks. MTV and Animal Planet. Secondly, we have opened up for Sugar Ray and recently hit 13,000,000 myspace plays! Incredible. Third, we have a long awaited EP finished and ready on sale (see our music player for links to Itunes). Fourth, we have been recently showcasing and it is amazing to here the feed back from the A&R world. Looking forward to see what happens..... we hope everyone continues to enjoy the music and be looking for more things to come.



released October 7, 2010



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Taylor Warren California

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Track Name: Never Wanted
© 2010 Taylor Warren
Track Name: I'm Yours
f there’s a way I could be on a plane tonight
If there’s a way I could be standing by your side
I would run, if I fell then I would crawl
To be with you, my love

Sometimes it gets so hard, sometimes I get so scared
Cause nothing feels the same when you’re not here
I believe that nothing is for free
It’s worth the cost, my love

When miles become the hardest thing
I’ll be honest girl you are everything
That I love, everything I’m longing for
It’s true that I am yours

When your with me girl my heart starts to race
In a sea of frowns I have a smile on my face
Cause no one else can make me feel this way
It’s thanks to you, my love

© 2010 Mark Taylor